Welcome to Whom Am I?

So good to see you here.  Thank you for investing in yourself, and trusting me to be your guide to this part of your journey.

This program is interactive.  You will receive a weekly email with links to the material and activities.   This round starts on Wednesday 3 August. 

You will learn a lot about yourself, your patterns, beliefs and how they are dictating your life now.  

Don't underestimate the power of four weeks of this work  

Weekly outline

Each week you will walk through:

* Learning a new clearing and support tool and strategies.

* Theory of what has or is impacting on your life and choices.

* Therapeutic recording or demonstration to support the shift of what comes up over the week.

*Discussions in the closed group where you can share your insights, experiences and most importantly your wins.

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Week 1 - Influencing factors

What has influenced how you live your life?
Who has impacted you?
What are your patterns?
Changes you would like to make. 

Week 2 -Beliefs do dictate

Beliefs are powerful and is an extension of week 1. 
Exploring your beliefs, rules and boxes you live by is empowering.
Learning about what is hidden, bringing them into consciousness enables you to make empowered, conscious choices. 
This weeks clearing focuses on flipping and releasing beliefs.

Week 3 - Clarity 

Now you have more insight, you can start to assess where you are, and where you want to grow into.  This is a fun exercise, but again, when combined with awareness of what is dicating your current choices, and some of the blocks stopping you from creating your life, you are able to start the deep change process.  
Nothing in life changes, when we stay the same.  We must become the change we want to see in the world!!

Week 4 - Dream and commit

This week is about you letting yourself dream that little bit more.  Many find this phase challenging as limiting beliefs come up to say why we shouldn't, couldn't, must not, not for me etc. Moving through some of these with a commitment to your dreams is the turning point.     

Next steps


  Sign up to the Whom AM I community 

This group is off Facebook, but is also super secure. 

There are many other resources you can access to support your journey. You will be given access to this group no later than 2 August. 


 Watch the You Tube on Tapping. 

Tapping is an extremely powerful, easy and effective strategy.  There is strong scientific evidence to support this statement.  The principle is explained in the video. 


Get ready!  Between now and the start day 

You innately know things are going to be changed, and the mere thought of signing up, let alone committing has stirred things up.  Use the Tapping video as often as you need to.  It will help. 


Order and download your copy of the Awareness & Accountability Journal 

This journal is designed to educate, explore and support your growth journey.  

Learn more and purchase your copy