Blogs and Pod(casts)

On this page, you are introduced to various other media Leah is engaged with.

Theme notes is Leah's blog page based over at  While of late they articles have been adhoc, I suggest you scroll back to the beginning of 2022 where Leah wrote each day on a month's theme and deep dived into a month exploration of the topic.  

  Her Podcasts - What the Mind Sees, the Body Feels, and Creates is an audio exploration of the What the Mind Sees, the Body Feels, Creates and Attracts 2nd Ed Book.  Each episode dives into the chapter's theme, exploring the chapter's message, and giving lots of unwritten bits and information.  Its almost another book in its own right.  

Leah has also been a guest on several other Podcasts, some of which are shared here.

Leah as a Guest Podcaster

Podcasts Leah has been invited to share and discuss concepts of creating your life and her work. 

If you would like to share encouraging and insightful conversations on your or my podcast, reach out.   Book a podcast time slot. 

Utterly Unscripted podcast with Jesse Van Schoonhoven

Chat, like old friends. This episode really was fun.  Many similarities in our approach to life and living.  Our story unfolds revealing a few truths, and the modalities I use to support others through their actualisation journey. Hypnotherapy, meditations, talk therapy, tapping and lots of self-awareness exploration in the mix so the individual becomes empowered to make the decisions best for them at the time. 

Whispers and Bricks with Ari Schonbrun

 She tried to commit suicide 3 times in her life. Luckily each attempt failed. After the third attempt, she realized she had to figure out how to really live her life. She now lives a life that is fulfilling and is able to help others. Her story reminds us that it is never too late to change your life and live the life you truly want.

The Light Inside

Attachment theory is fundamental in the way we develop our sense of worthy-ness, sense of safety in the world and lovability. The ripple effect of these dysfunctional aspects of our self-esteem influences the way we think about ourselves, how we interact with others in relationships and more so our coping mechanisms. 

Mindset Mastery with Rachel Tapscott

Today we have author, counselor and NLP practitioner, Leah Marmulla joining us to talk about the effect our thoughts and emotions have on our health.

Shared Wisdom 

Two energy healers - Shirley Anne Lawyer and Leah chatting through their shared and individual experiences of healing their limiting beliefs and fears.  

Out of the Box with Christine

In this episode, I share ways of coping, stress management and focused application through COVID in 2019.   A  lively discussion of self-care.  (2019)

Rick Bratton

Interview with Rick Bratton of This Week in America . Rick & I discuss my recently published book - What the Mind Sees, the Body Feels, Creates and Attracts (2019)