Freedom comes from applying the wisdom of life lessons. 

Transformation comes from within. Healing, releasing, and re-writing the story and associated strategies we created to cope with the hurts, fears and confusions felt when others did things to us.

They helped at the time, but, as adults, many of the strategies and limiting beliefs are holding us back from achieving what we are possible of.

We were teased for being xyz, yet, it is our uniqueness that needs to shine as an adult.

We learnt to hide, stay small, and insignificant, yet, to get that job, connect with others, and have healthy relationships, we need to step up, connect and be authentic.

Our past is in conflict with who we need to be as adults, and our truest, highest selves.

Change is a multi-dimensional process. Nothing changes, until we change from the inside out. Our self-view, flipping our limiting beliefs, re-writing the dead-end stories that say "We can not"—disentangling the emotional attachments to our past painful experiences that have shaped us till now.

Imagine your life potential if you lived from conscious choice, happiness, and focused direction based on self-love and care. All of my work provides knowledge and skill development to empower you to become the person you choose to become, from character. Defining the stories, beliefs and self-love that you choose, not what others expect of you. 

It is my philosophy knowledge empowers. With more information, one can make different choices, take back control, and empower themselves. But, to create change, one must learn how to use the knowledge and be supported to develop different ways of being. 

You are curious, ready, willing and committed to exploring the core hurts showing up now? Your past hurt, lost, confused or insecure parts can be transformed with compassionate curiosity and readiness. People and situations trigger our past insecurity, uncertainty, feelings of rejection, abandonment, and surface/act like a scared child again. This is normal but unhealthy. Book a free chat session to see how I can help.

This is where the ReclaimME! Programs support you. You are supported to explore, consider and choose what you want to live by. The beliefs that support the type of person you choose to be and create. You are taught, and you choose what to transform so you Create Your Life on Your Terms!


I provide knowledge to the interested through 

The books I write, 
Podcasts and 
Articles I regularly write 

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Skill and Support 

Wisdom is gained when one applies the knowledge learnt.

The RecliamME! programs, and individual consultations, you are supported, encouraged, taught, and provided the space to practice what you are learning. 


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Tools in my toolkit you can access

Neuro-linguistic Programming
Guided Meditations
Talk therapy and counselling
Mindfulness practices
And many more!!

Using a combination of these supports change in the conscious and subconscious mind.   Transforming and releasing fears, limiting beliefs and fear-based stories into empowering ones. 

 Your reality changes, because you believe, think and therefore act differently.  You create a different life, by becoming a different person.

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Imagine that in your mind, there are two parts.  The stage where you see, hear and witness what happens around you and your thoughts. 

The other part is hidden behind a curtain. Behind the curtain is your subconscious that stores all your life stories, scripts, characters and a massive database of everything you have heard, seen, felt and witnessed.  The curtain also acts as a protector between what will be re-enacted and accessible in real-time, and through therapy.  

Hypnotherapy is the tool that opens the curtain and gives you access to the data, scripts, memories etc, that are calling the shots in your current life.  Your conscious mind is still present during the hypnotic state, and the hypnotherapist engages with the thinking/conscious mind to have conversations, and create and implement changes to the subconscious scripts. 

Another analogy is the subconscious is the operating program of your mind, that controls all your feelings, interpretations, rules and thoughts, and therefore actions.  

The style Leah uses accesses the original experience of the session's focus.  Engaging your thinking mind, you recall similar times you thought, felt or experienced similar things (timeline therapy).  Talking with the younger you - you at the age you experienced the incidents the adult you is gently guided to explore your interpretation and meaning you gave these earlier experiences. 

You also explore the limiting beliefs, meanings, and the emotional impact and cost of what happened. 
With this information and more, you have the opportunity to release the emotional enmeshment and rewrite the interpretation and the story.  This step releases the fear and protection and helps the hurt memories become empowered and freer. 

Result - you create different beliefs, scripts and feelings about the past while enhancing the lessons learnt, and increasing self-compassion and empathy for what you experienced.  With this new awareness, you feel, think and choose differently. 

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Guided Meditation 

Leah learnt guided meditation under the tutelage of Brandon Bays, specifically The Journey Method, Is was heavily based on Hypnotherapy, NLP, forgiveness, compassion, and inner child work. 

The objective is to implant character traits required to cope with the situations explored.  Embedding these traits into the subconscious starts the re-wiring process.  Supporting, encouraging and empowering the inner child creates healing, strengthening and releasing the past's hold on the current. 

The result - the adult, now you have different interpretations, stories and scripts to work with.  Newer information enables you to feel, interact and choose differently. 

Both Hypnotherapy and Guided meditations are re-designed to re-write, shift, transform and create profound and long-lasting changes from the inside out.  Updating the filters, data and meanings given to past situations result in you being different now.   

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Tapping uses traditional Chinese medicine concept of meridian lines and the body's energy channels. This means the body has electrical channels different from the nervous system that links the brain and the body 'energetically.'  

There are specific acupuncture points when tapped, or gentle pressure is applied to the points to activate and enhance the energy flow. Research studies have shown tapping to change the brain's reactivity to situations, thoughts and feelings. It improves heart rate and reduces cortisol and other biomarkers linked to stress and disease. 

Tapping is effective for many mental, emotional and physical conditions. It helps to reduce stress and anxiety, which creates a ripple effect in our feelings and thoughts—based on the Universal Law of Attraction, changing the vibrational message we send into the world and attract back into our life.   

Result - Again, you create change from the inside out by changing your dialogue, thoughts, and energy. 

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Coach, Mentor and Counsellor

There are distinctions between coaching, mentoring  and counselling:

Many mentoring relationships persist for more than six months, and in some circumstances, mentoring can last for years or even decades. Mentoring is much more directive, as was already indicated. It involves the mentor imparting their knowledge, expertise, and abilities to the mentee while also instructing and directing them. In contrast to coaching, which often follows a more rigid structure, mentoring is typically less structured. While having a mentoring meeting agenda and goals is advised, it will be up to the mentee to put this together. Last but not least, mentoring is primarily mentee-driven, with mentees setting their own objectives.

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