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One of my biggest goals is to offer Hope!

After coming back from life's cliff for the 3rd, and last time, ​I realised I needed to learn how to live. ​  There must be a reason why I wasn't 'allowed' to leave just yet!

What did I realise? Most of my beliefs were holding me back and in pain.

The lessons and techniques I learned during my healing journey have been written into books, ReclaimME! Programs, and now the podcasts.

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Questions have the power to change your World!!

When powerful, self-awareness questions are asked, you have the opportunity.

An opportunity to learn about yourself, your past, future and clarify if you are living your life, or others' expectations from auto-pilot.

You gather meaningful information about the beliefs and rules you have been living by.   Information you can then use to create a life of your choosing, on purpose.

A life on purpose and in alignment with your values, character traits your choose, and therefore create a life and legacy on Your Terms!    

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You have the power to heal your past hurts to Create Your Life on Your Terms!

All healing ultimately comes from within, not from outside experiences.

Experiences are the reflection of what you consciously and subconsciously believe,  the rules you live by.  And we describe our experiences through stories. Relaying to ourselves and others how we saw, interpreted and gave meaning to situations. 

Humans are natural-born story makers, even if we keep them in our thoughts. We have a need to make sense of what happens, especially when an emotion is triggered. When you have an emotional reaction to what someone says, does to you, or witnesses.   Any emotional response - good, bad or ugly, our mind will create a story and you give meaning to the experience.

Like all good stories, there is a plot, cause and effect, and an explanation of why things happened. Usually, there is a lesson to preventing bad things from happening again or increasing the number of good experiences. We innately move towards creating pleasure, and avoiding pain. 

Young children do not have the ways, means or skills to see things accurately. Parents having a bad day, siblings feeling things they don't like, friends staying safe and in the group etc., and so, they write storylines that others off the hook, and believe they are the reason why something happens, and blame themselves. Unfortunately, each time a similar or same situation happens, the more ingrained the story becomes in their subconscious.  Larger the neurological pathways in the brain that becomes their go-to story when 'things' happen.  Even when the good outways the bad, the brain is trained to see parts bits of info that is similar or the same to the originating story.  Like a microscope or radar that has a shape filter.  One can only 'see' the shape because other parts are blocked out. 

Still not sure what I am saying?
Consider the following scenarios and see if you relate to them:

Your classmates were playing, but they didn't invite you or tease you.
You started to believe they didn't want you around and were not good enough.

Your grades at school were not acknowledged, praised, or are compared to others, and you take on the belief you are not 'smart enough', important, or capable, visible.

You grew up in a home with regular fighting, being ignored, teased, or abused. You thought you were not enough to get the love you needed as a child. We all have an innate need to be loved, cared for and encouraged.

Family, society, religious rules etc., told you, "We don't do this or that."

Often, beliefs around money, relationships, ambition, or anything that make you different to the 'norm'. Beliefs create the question- "What will the neighbours think?", or thoughts we are risking being kicked out, hurt, labelled etc and keep us playing small or in the same place.. 

The list is much longer than this, but you can hear your beliefs and rules by listening to your self-talk.

Belief Statement: 

"I am Not......because....."

What are the shoulds and should nots in your life, work, relationships, etc.?

What do you hear yourself saying when you ..

See something you would like to have or do, but is 'out of character' or different when growing up?
It could be clothes, career, holidays, homes, lifestyle, putting yourself first, children, etc. like someone, but you think they are 'out of your league', or you are not good enough. You stop any potential future before giving yourself the opportunity.

Want to branch out and experience more in life, but your family, friends, status quo hold you back, keep you feeling inadequate, not enough and thinking its impossible to go for your heart's calling.

Feel anxious or depressed, but can't figure out why, after all, you "Have it all!!" but, do you? Do you know yourself enough to say your life is the right mix for you?

Are being you, yet are button pushed/triggered/hurt by what someone says or does. Suddenly, you are reacting and not sure why. The thoughts, reactions and stories you heard when answering the questions are beliefs in your subconscious. You are listening to well-worn tracks created in response to previous (unpleasant) experiences.

The more times you experience similar situations and feelings, the deeper the track becomes and the more influential. By exploring, addressing and changing the hidden, knee jerk beliefs at the subconscious level, you: change your world.

You can Live life more consciously. Not dictated by historic feelings, stories, thoughts and behaviours, but happier life experiences, with more ease and peace. experience the brighter side of life as you choose, creating and attracting experiences you enjoy, see things differently.  Its easier to see others' points of view and see beyond their masks. Their rules, expectations and projections. Friendships, careers, adventures, health, finances etc., as you choose them. Your body becomes healthier, stronger, and more alive.

Become free from the limiting beliefs and stories

Flipping your limiting beliefs

From I'm not enough, good enough, pretty enough. 

I deserve to be punished, left alone, not worthy of being loved.

Life isn't safe, or I'm not safe.

Feeling intense emotions such as guilt, shame, anger, helplessness, sadness, broken-hearted, anxiety, depression, etc.; memory, thoughts or concept holding you hostage to thinking, feeling and being small, under par or unwell.

Believing you are enough! Good enough, pretty enough etc., your world changes with you. New opportunities come your way. You see, feel and interact from an inner knowing and confidence that radiates from you.

You know you are safe, secure, capable. You are open to a positive life and experiences.
You hold yourself differently, talk with more assurance and trust yourself more.

People feel it, sense it, and see it. People notice your vibe and this is where the magic happens.

Transformational freedom comes from applying the wisdom of life lessons. 

Transformation comes from within. Healing, releasing, and re-writing the story and associated strategies we created to cope with the hurts, fears and confusions felt when others did things to us.

They helped at the time, but, as adults, many of the strategies and limiting beliefs are holding us back from achieving what we are possible of.

We were teased for being xyz, yet, it is our uniqueness that needs to shine as an adult.

We learnt to hide, stay small, insignificant, yet, to get that job, connect with others, and have healthy relationships, we need to step up, connect and be authentic.

Our past is in conflict with who we need to be as adults, and our truest, highest self.

Change is a multi-dimensional process. Nothing changes, until we change from the inside out. Our self-view, flipping our limiting beliefs, re-writing the dead-end stories that say "We can not"—disentangling the emotional attachments to our past painful experiences that have shaped us till now.

Imagine your life potential if you lived from conscious choice, happiness, and focused direction based on self-love and care. All of my work provides knowledge and skill development to empower you to become the person you choose to become, from character. Defining the stories, beliefs and self-love that you choose, not what others expect of you. 

It is my philosophy knowledge empowers. With more information, one can make different choices, take back control, and empower themselves. But, to create change, one must learn how to use the knowledge and be supported to develop different ways of being. 

You are curious, ready, willing and committed to exploring the core hurts showing up now? Your past hurt, lost, confused or insecure parts can be transformed with compassionate curiosity and readiness. People and situations trigger our past insecurity, uncertainty, feelings of rejection, abandonment, and surface/act like a scared child again. This is normal but unhealthy. Book a free chat session to see how I can help.

This is where the ReclaimME! Programs support you. You are supported to explore, consider and choose what you want to live by. The beliefs that support the type of person you choose to be and create. You are taught, and you choose what to transform so you Create Your Life on Your Terms!


I provide knowledge to the interested through 

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Skill and Support 

Wisdom is gained when one applies the knowledge learnt.

The RecliamME! programs, and individual consultations, you are supported, encouraged, taught, and provided the space to practice what you are learning. 


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