Welcome to Leah Marshall-Marmulla

One of my biggest goals is to offer Hope!

After coming back from life's cliff for the last time, ​I figured I needed to learn how to live. ​ 

What did I realise? Most of my beliefs were holding me back and in pain.

The lessons and techniques I learnt during my healing journey have been written into books, ReclaimME! programs, and now the podcasts.

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Books, Services & Programs

Leah has several ways to support, teach and guide you towards inner healing. 
Learning about and healing your inner challenges. 

You too can Create Your Life on Your Terms!

Empowerment only comes from learning and the wisdom of applying what you learn. 

Change is a multi-dimensional process. 

Nothing changes, until we change from the inside out. 

Our self-view, flipping our limiting beliefs, re-writing the dead-end stories that say "We can not"—disentangling the emotional attachments to our past painful experiences that have shaped us till now. 

Imagine your life potential if you lived from conscious choice, happiness, and focused direction based on self-love and care.

All of my work provides knowledge and skill development to empower you to become the person you choose to become, from character. 

Defining the stories, beliefs and self-love that you choose, not what others expect of you. 


It is my philosophy when people are empowered with knowledge, they have more choices, control to make different choices, and empower themselves.
I provide knowledge to the interested through 
The books I write, 
Podcasts I host and guest in and 
Articles I regularly write 

Skill and Support 

Wisdom is gained when one applies the knowledge learnt.

The RecliamME! programs, and individual consultations, you are supported, encouraged, taught, and provided the space to practice what you are learning. 


Is this you....?

You are curious, ready, willing and committed to exploring more about yourself.

With compassionate curiosity, ready to explore  Your hurt, lost, confused or insecure parts, now playing out. Situations or confusing experiences create insecurity, uncertainty, or even feelings of rejection, abandonment, and feeling like a scared child again. 

You are not alone, and you don't need to move through this phase alone. 

If you are ready to heal, shift, let go and transform these wounds into empowered, loving future moments, then your next step is to reach out.  

Click the reach out button and book a free chat session to see how I can help.

Leah is the Guest Podcaster

Podcasts Leah ha been invited to share and discuss concepts of creating your life and her work. 

Mindset Mastery with Rachel Tapscott

Today we have author, counselor and NLP practitioner, Leah Marmulla joining us to talk about the effect our thoughts and emotions have on our health.

Shared Wisdom 

Two energy healers - Shirley Anne Lawyer and Leah chatting through their shared and individual experiences of healing their limiting beliefs and fears.  

Out of the Box with Christine

In this episode, I share ways of coping, stress management and focused application through COVID in 2019.   A  lively discussion of self-care.  (2019)

Rick Bratton

Interview with Rick Bratton of This Week in America . Rick & I discuss my recently published book - What the Mind Sees, the Body Feels, Creates and Attracts (2019)