Self-Awareness Chats

Unlock your true self.

Living a full life creates a balance between the mind, body and Soul.

Remodel the lies we internalised that tell us how we 'should be, live our life and our status'. The type of person we are expected or allowed to become. What do acceptable relationships feel and behave like?

What do we feel is safe, normal and suitable?

When we explore the lies, re-write them with love, stretch our comfort zone, and increase our self-love through compassion, life becomes a magical experience with more ease. It feels safer, happier, friendlier, connective and more open to possibility instead of closed in what has been

Beliefs dictate our life 

Our beliefs influence our Lifestyle choices - food, exercise, stress management, stress management, relationships, and directly talks with our DNA. ​ 

Approach these messages with compassionate curiosity, and address them with love, and the body heals. Often at the core of a diagnosis are unhealthy self-love beliefs.

Solution - explore and listen when the body talks, unpleasant emotions show up, and situations keep looping.

It is definitely time to listen. The body is talking with you, possibly screaming to bring your awareness to be hidden, painful, trapped, ignored parts of your body, mind and spirit that need help to come back into balance and work together. ​

​​Thankfully, you can start exploring deeper issues, starting from any primary point - food, exercise, mindfulness, self-care and love. Just initiating change will start the process.

However, deeper-diving into the subconscious is the most comprehensive and powerful way forward for lasting and profound healing. It is one thing to know what to do, but another to put it into action.

Self-awareness is the first step to any change, and it is in the mind that we become aware. Our body, life experiences, and feelings are symptoms of what is going on by becoming aware of the signs and symptoms and diving into the hidden parts playing out - knee jerk reactions, and limiting beliefs that drive and sabotage our thoughts and choices and actions. Becoming aware, and making conscious choices is empowering—a real life-changer. You make choices that work more in your favour, based on your value and desired outcomes.

In the ReclaimME! Self Awareness sessions, not only do you walk away with more self-awareness but also an action plan and shift the way you view the situation to open up the path towards changes.

What would your life look and feel like if you addressed your fears, resistance and uncertainty, flipping them into confidence, certainty and commitment?

Book your ReclaimME! Self Awareness session The real magic happens through this deep work, combined with other energy healing and body therapies.

$175.00 per session

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Dis-ease, occurs when one does not live or speak their truth, this triggers dis-chord, agitation, and inflammation in the body. Turmoil in the mind and challenging emotions show up. Dis-ease shows up in all areas of life. How we do one aspect, we do the others, potentially more covertly or undercover. We do this because our self-belief and self-worth dictate our thoughts, feelings and choices.

For example, When our mind thinks it would like to have a loving, supportive relationship, the heart craves connection and love, and our self-belief and the rules we subconsciously live from attracting this. Anything outside of the familiar normal we grew up with is a trigger as it takes us from the safety zone. Even if it is 'healthier', it is too foreign and scary. We want to have a significant income, home, travel etc. "the life" we are told we should be living, yet, deep down, our sabotages interferes with study, applying for jobs, and experiencing different things. Again, these things we need to do to learn and grow the skills, and character required for the job are too scary and confronting. We crave fun, supportive, connective friendships, yet, getting to know people triggers apprehension and anxiety. Trust issues arise, and we wonder if taking the risk to drop the armour enough to let someone in is worth the chance again!

Trauma responses are triggered too frequently. CPTSD, PTSD and other emotional/mental symptoms show through more than you like, and you feel like life is too challenging. So you respond/react through anxiety, isolation, lashing out, projecting, over protection, control and perfectionism, hypercritical, covert or overt attention desiring (a very short list of possible symptoms).

Even though we dream of something different, be part of something, feel loved, accepted, safe, appreciated, valued, respected, honoured, cherished, important, etc. Because these things are so unfamiliar, warning bells and our fears are triggered, escalating anxiety, depression, and feelings of unworthiness and stress.

It is a vicious cycle of the self-fulfilling prophecy of self-perception. Unexpressed, trapped and hidden emotions are also critical players in how we feel and make choices. Honestly, who chooses a fruit or veggie smoothie when they are feeling defeated and depressed. Not many; most of us go for comfort foods and drink, choose distracting behaviour and shut down. Emotional & physical pain are the symptoms of being out of alignment with our truth. ​There is a dis-chord between what our heart desires and what our learnt beliefs tell us is for us. Unaddressed symptoms become 'medical' diseases. Our body's last resort is to make us stop, listen, learn and address the underlying problem - living away from pure love, fear and disconnect from our highest self.