This workbook is a daily internal exploration.

Each day you are prompted to Account for your food, actions, and thoughts. Explore your triggers, reactions, feelings and memories that surface. Forgive, Delete and Transform your internal stories into loving truths that make a lasting impact on your life. The value of this? 

The more aware we are of what and why we do things, our responses/reactions to life, people and surprises we become empowered to make conscious choices based on our personal values and the person we choose to be!

The other steps include unlearning, forgiving ourselves for innocently taking on and living from painful experiences, and learning new ways of thinking, feeling and becoming. Is it a simple process?

In theory yes, in reality, not so, but it is possible. Curiosity, patience and taking steps as practical along the way.

The Awareness and Accountability Journal is a tool you can use in your favour to achieve this.
Packed with weekly educational chapters, a weekly planner, and daily self-exploration, healing and expansive questions that guide you towards your truths, and growth.

Weekly Content

Each week, you are guided through theory, self exploration and accountability. For example 

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Life is about the journey, the flow through life, one step at a time. Sometimes we take detours, sometimes we slide down the mountain with an avalanche. Sometimes we just need to sit and take in the view, while other times we need to make a house to protect ourselves from the elements. No matter where you are in your moment of life, it is perfectly relevant. The highs, lows, twists and bends are all opportunity giving, to expand and re-learn our highest self - Love. To support you further in your journey, I would like to introduce you to what I do, if you are not already familiar.

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