ReclaimME! Transformation - Deep Healing and Shifts using Hypnotherapy and Guided Meditations

Transformation: A marked change in form, nature and appearance. I use this word in the context of supporting you to create a marked change in the form of your internal rules, beliefs and stories created before you were aware of what was happening in and around you.

Addressing the nature of these limiting beliefs, fears, and stories, you become empowered, to change the way you live your life. You choose your nature and character traits, how you appear (show up) in the world from your truth.

These sessions are personalised, exploring your deeply hidden core issues creating your symptoms.

Dis-ease occurs when one is not living their truth!

Living an unexplored life - one that is lived from auto-pilot, knee jerk reactions and sensitivities. 

Dis-ease created when not living from conscious awareness, triggers:

negative emotions,  fear, shame, guilt, frustration, revenge, projection, control, envy, etc.  Addictions in all shapes and ways.  Food, shopping, drugs, exercise, sex, sleep, OCD risk taking.

- lowered self-esteem, confidence and how we see ourselves.  Insecurity, inferiority complex, Imposter syndrome, co-dependent relationships, trauma bonding, eating disorders and body shaming for example.

- agitation, and inflammation in the body.  Think anxiety, depression, weight, & hormonal issues.  Compromised immune systems, gut health, lifestyle Diseases. Auto-immune disorders, psycho-somatic symptoms to name a few.

Agitation in the mind and body = challenging emotions show up, asking us to explore what is out of alignment, what is out of truth?

Dis-ease shows up in all areas of life. How we do one aspect, we do the others, potentially more covertly or undercover.

 We do this because our beliefs, and self-worth dictate our thoughts, feelings and choices.
For example, when we want to create something different to our childhood , yet seem to attract people and situations that are on repeat.

The mind wants different.
The loving home, with life's luxuries. We want to live "the life" we are told we should be living, A job we love, enjoy, friends we can rely on, security, yet, the internal script says another. Deep down, our beliefs - the should, and rules of life we were told, say a very different thing. Even if the dream is 'healthier', nicer, safer, more comfortable it is too foreign and scary.

Our beliefs, the internal messages hold us back! We don't say yes to what we want.

We say no to stepping out of our comfort zone.
We say No the the job, that date, experiencing new and exciting things.

We crave fun, supportive, connective friendships, happiness, peace, contentedness even.  Yet, getting to know people triggers apprehension and anxiety. Trust issues arise, and we wonder if taking the risk to drop the armour enough to let someone in is worth the risk again!

Trauma responses are triggered too frequently.
CPTSD, PTSD and other emotional/mental symptoms show through more than you like, and feel like life is too challenging.  Your go to coping response and actions shine through.  Anxiety, isolation, lashing out, projecting, over protection, control and perfectionism, hypercritical, covert or overt attention seeking (very short list of possible symptoms).  

Even if we desire to be part of something, feel loved, accepted, safe, appreciated, valued, respected, honoured, cherished, important etc, if these feelings are to unfamiliar, the nervous system stops what we desire and need to thrive.  

Escalating anxiety, depression and feelings of unworthiness and stress.
It is a vicious cycle of the self-fulfilling prophecy of self-perception. Unexpressed, trapped and hidden emotions are key players in the way we feel and the choices we make.

Emotional & physical pain are the symptoms of being out of alignment from our truth.​ There is a dis-chord between what our heart desires and what our learnt beliefs tell us is for us. Unaddressed symptoms become 'medical' diseases. Our body's last resort to make us stop, listen, learn and address the underlying problem - living away from pure love, fear and disconnect from our highest self.. Pure Love!

"Approach these messages with compassionate curiosity, address them with love and the body heals."

 Often at the core of a diagnosis are unhealthy self love beliefs. Our beliefs influence our Lifestyle choices - food, exercise, stress management, stress management, relationships, and directly talks with our DNA. ​

Solution: Listen and explore when the body talks, when unpleasant emotions show up and situations keep looping. It is definitely time to listen. Your body is talking with you, possibly screaming to bring your awareness to hidden, painful, trapped ignored parts of your body, mind and spirit that need help to come back into balance, and work together. ​

What I am talking about is outlined in my book What the Mind Sees, the Body Feels Creates and Attracts, but the explanations have been around for much, much long and there is much written on the topics. ​​

Thankfully, you can explore the core issue from any entry point.  Explore your relationship with food, exercise, mindfulness, self care, relationships, career, dis-ease, health or love and you will be triggered.  Start the process with awareness, leaning into your symptoms and thoughts; however for lasting, and profound healing,  deep dive into the subconscious to untangle the emotional spiderweb binding the lies, fears and beliefs in place.  release these and you are in the position to create a freer life story from that point on. 

"Transformation comes from within".

Exploring the lies, fears and limiting beliefs we absorbed from others before we knew better. 

ReclaimME! Transformation deep dives into the subconscious to see, re-story, release, heal and work with your hurt inner child to become more empowered.  The sessions are super deep dives into the subconscious, tapping into the present life and generational and karmic pains connected to you. Using specific processes guides you through the pain points causing you strife in your current life situations.  You don't have to revisit the memory or the story but address the emotions entangled. 

There are key steps to make the process as comprehensive as possible.

You are guided through the Body, exploring trapped emotions, feelings and the stories created in your Mind - exploring your thoughts and stories created to make sense of the pain, unfairness, abuse, neglect, and rejection experienced over your lifetime.

Spirit is your guide. We engage your highest self, the part that knows all and only wants the best of your life experiences to be experienced. The part connected to all is pure love.

1 Month program. 
1 hypnotherapy session
Weekly email contact. 

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