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Crossroad moments are those times in life when we are given a precious gift - to look at what we are doing and why we do them.   Yet, these moments in life are often the most challenging to navigate. Not always 'chosen' but forced onto us because we didn't hear or understand the warning signs. 

Often, the challenges are 'sudden' changes in life circumstances - health, wealth, relationships, career or other significant throwball events that seem to take us by surprise and force us to stop, take stock and consider "What just happened, and what do I do now?"   Many have said there was a greater calling from inside, pushing them to take that leap of faith and step into a new path. Ultimately, the trigger is just that.

Strong feelings that 'things have to change!' filled with uncertainty, fear of risking all they have ever known and being ridiculed at best, called crazy at worst.

The focus point is the individual had to make a choice. Stay or go. Keep doing and risk health, relationships and sanity, or take the leap of faith. Jump into the unknown, learn and grow into more significant, fulfilling roles. Join us as each guest shares their crossroad moment and how they navigated through it to more successful outcomes.

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Podcast Overview 

I am grateful to connect and explore your take on life's Crossroad Moments that challenge us to the core.
My personal and professional opinion is that we are multi-dimensional and go way beyond the body we live in.
· Our human life experience is the embodiment of the Universal Spirit, being part of and therefore connecting us with God. The Universal life force flows through all things and beings.

· The mind can create thought links about the world and ‘think’;

· The body moves and interacts in the world; · Repeated, similar life experiences create reinforcing layers over the core issues and beliefs. Depending on the interaction type, each can lift us up or weigh us down. To either reinforce our beliefs or help to loosen their hold over our lives.

· Negative self and limiting beliefs create a distance and broaden the gap between Love, God, and how we feel about ourselves and live our lives. People are not bad or evil. They are only further away from God’s Universal Love and suffer as a result.

· Our core beliefs, thoughts and behaviours are hidden and ingrained. Awareness, mindfulness, and conscious choices support change; however, hidden and knee-jerk reactions can occur when pushed enough or put into historically similar situations.

· Our current experiences reflect our inner world – our self-beliefs, rules we took from others of ‘how we should live.’  We perceive what is familiar, safe and worthy to have in our life. We attract what we feel, the vibe and the beliefs we live by.

· Healing core beliefs of: ‘not enough’, ‘not lovable’, ‘others are out to get us’, ‘how we should live,' ‘them and us’ etc., enables us to live closer to love and in alignment with peace, connection and joy. Innately, we feel and know this. We subconsciously want, and long to come back to pure Love.

The process of living our purpose, self-actualisation, ascension etc., is the process of unlearning the limiting beliefs, fears and hurts and re-learning how to live from Love, trust and faith, in the search for a high, better, or ascension states, some people we choose risk-taking behaviour.

Others adopt addictions to feel, distract, attempt to fill the void, and get the ‘hit’ of deeply hidden feelings in them. They want to feel part of something, loved, accepted and appreciated, even if the person or thing is dangerous. Even when they know their choices are unhealthy, or a risk, it is familiar enough to feel safe or known. They know how to navigate the risk, whereas stepping away from the (dangerous) familiar and perceived safe is riskier as it is too foreign. They don’t understand the rules of engagement, what Love and acceptance feel like. Therefore, healthy relationships, safe environments, acceptance, encouragement etc., are too unfamiliar, and the unknown is too foreign and a far greater risk to their sense of safety.

While it would be great to come back to love, align with our Spirit, and integrate all its offers, we must unlearn and re-learn healthier ways of being. This takes time, conscious and repeated effort and profound healing of the past hurts, lies and fears. By talking through the above, (as appropriate to your experiences and skill), I believe we can help the listener consider alternative ways of thinking. Create a sense of hope by increasing self-empathy, self-compassion, and space to take steps back to themselves.
By exploring these topics with compassion and honouring their true self, Love/spirit in a body, we create a safe container to see ourselves in a different light. An insight is that considering their circumstances, their choices are understandable and normal; not necessarily healthy, but understandable and commonly chosen. That there are ways to move towards their heart desires.

Our listening community come from a wide range of individuals. They are curious to explore the how, what and why their life is the way it is, but more importantly, how to create life on their terms, a life that has meaning and connection. Ultimately, the discussion opens the question: “How do I work through the layers to return to this natural state of love that I moved away from?”

If you feel aligned with this discussion, and are willing to explore the ideas and provide steps back, I would love to chat with you.

Ideal Guest – At some time, you have had a life crossroad moment. An experience forcing you to choose between continuing to do what you are doing; or deep diving into yourself, addressing your demons, and creating your life by choice. You decided to heal/ come to terms with/ accept and make peace with your past/ unlearn limiting beliefs, develop healthier ones, etc.

As a result, you create a life aligned with Love and live a life of your choice. Be willing to share · parts of your story as relevant.
· Your defining moment.
· Your why/reason to change.
· What you did to create the change.
· What keeps you on track.
· What you do when challenged or are triggered to react in old patterned ways.

By hearing others' stories, struggles, and wins, the listener can activate their hope, and consider exploring new ways of seeing themselves, opening the possibility for a different future. Life is a journey and a process.

It is that simple- so let’s open the discussion and share the hope and conviction that it is possible! Here is a brief overview of our listening community.

Our vision –
The vision behind these podcast series is to chat with leaders in their own right, either professionals who educate, support and encourage others to navigate life challenges. You could be trained in psychology, social work, counselling, positive psychology, mindfulness or self-empowerment. Equally, people who have faced their crossroad moment and decided to learn and now share strategies of how to navigate onto their life path. 

The overriding message intended for listeners of this podcast is to
Know they are not alone. The big feelings they are feeling are a normal response to what is happening to and in them,

There is hope, strategies and ways to navigate through the situation.

Be comforted by learning simple yet powerful ways to help them self-regulate, take a step back, see things differently and learn about their backstory to make informed forward-based decisions.

Be introduced to resources, courses, programs, books, skills, knowledge and ideas to help them navigate their emotions, responses, and plans for the future.

Using open discussions to inspire, ignite hope, self-compassion and positive change in others.

Listeners seek to learn how to have more love, connection, happiness etc. Forming a discussion topic that addresses life’s biggest challenge – our personal life experiences that dictate our lives- provides a different perspective to consider. Each guest brings their unique take on this vision and different strengths to the discussion. Life experience leaders are as crucial as professionally trained ones.

Opening the discussion into why we choose what we do, why we feel the way we do, and increasing an appreciation of the human experience and how to function within the circumstances. “Clarity creates confidence, which creates certainty.” This is where you can be in service to our combined listening communities.

I look forward to listening and sharing your story to inspire others from your experience.

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