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Leah Marshall is a multi-book Author, Compassionate Transformational Coach, podcaster & founder of RecliamME! Programs. Her mission is to help adults navigate their Crossroad moments.  Those moments of overwhelm, confusion, feeling hurt beyond belief, or their identity and life meaning are challenged. In her late 20s, Leah had to make a life or death choice, resulting in her Journey Quest. Leah moved from death to living.

"I have lived and learnt what I teach."

This is the biggest point. Leah knows rock bottom & how it feels to desperately look for ideas of how to get out. To address the fears, 'not enough' beliefs that were killing me. Her death wish became her biggest strength!  Leah's upbringing taught her to see gaps and problems and read people quickly. "Self-preservation meant I needed solutions." This is where you win.

Leah's innate abilities can be your secret weapon. Explore what is holding you back from making the decisions, project logistics, dynamics, or even that out-of-the-box idea that helps remove the bottleneck stopping you from creating your Life on Your Terms!

Leah's work isn't limited to your personal life because, let's be honest, work, career, and projects have the same elements - you, your fears, limiting stories, and well people.

Leah is the gal, with life, education and skill to see things others may not see so easily.

One of Leah's core beliefs is that people are not broken, damaged, or faulty and that adult experiences are symptoms of unhealthy strategies learnt to keep us safe and create a sense of belonging.  They worked then but now contribute to conflict and crossroad moments.

Leah's mission is quite simple: to help others understand themselves. Leah 
specialises in guiding individuals through their crossroad moments in life, who are on a transformative journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

So, if you've ever felt that a part of you is waiting to be unleashed, or you dream of a different life but can't quite describe it, I'm here to help you uncover your hidden strengths and unlock your true potential. Through the power of hypnotherapy, guided meditations, and personalized coaching, we'll embark on an explorative path to reveal the powerful, authentic individual within you. Whether you're at a career crossroads, navigating relationship challenges, or simply seeking a more fulfilling life, I'll empower you to create a purposeful, authentic path filled with unwavering passion."

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Who am I?

 Let me share a bit of my background.

I am the youngest of 5 siblings and wasn't meant to be born, but 'religion' intervened, and I was born into a stressed, tired and challenged family. As a result, I didn't fit, wasn't wanted, and was a burden to my parents and family. I witnessed emotional and physical abuse, and looking back; this parenting style was considered normal. 

There are several pivoting moments when I realised to get through life. I had to look after myself, be the good girl, stay quiet in the shadows, and do the expected. I followed the rules brilliantly, succeeded, and excelled even— great coping strategy as a child, but hands down dysfunctional as an adult. When I did break free, I was 18, rescued by marriage and relocated to a different state to live my life my way. Living with a loving extended family was a wonderful new experience. Being part of a unit that spent time together and wanted to was foreign. I valued the love and connection they shared. 

But, what I didn't know at the time was I walked into the perfect environment for my childhood issues to come to the surface. My past screamed at me to look at it, but through ignorance,  naivety and inexperience, I didn't have the knowledge or skill to recognise the real problems. I attempted to make 'life work', fit in, do all the everyday, expected things, and cope. I bowed down to my husband and handed over too much power to him, the Church, and the good and productive girl I vowed to be all those years ago. Be the yes girl, even when things were illegal, ethically and morally adverse to my values. Why? He was the head of the house'. I was a mere peasant girl who wasn't of importance and should be grateful for all I had. That was my self worth at the time. Yet, I wanted to have a say in how our life, my life, feel loved, appreciated and connected with my husband and children.  

After three failed life attempts, I surrendered to the idea my life was not working. If I couldn't even die, wasn't allowed to, then I had better learn how to live, for what I was doing was living hell! I trialled the usual therapy paths that really made me wonder WTF was 'wrong with me? Why couldn't I just be happy? After all, I had an open bank account, a husband who didn't beat me, my kids were healthy etc. My life 'looked' great, but I was dying a slow and emotionally painful death inside. 

So many parts of my life were not what I wanted. It felt loveless, unappreciated, undervalued, and no surprise; my life hadn't changed, but the circumstances had. Now, I had children to consider. What were my choices teaching them, and how were they impacting them? Deep down, I knew this was not marriage, love or healthy. I also knew I needed to own my life choices and change. So, I did.

Thanks to my husband at the time, who told me, "You need to get fixed", I did. I started my Life Journey Quest with lots of souls searching, clearing out, and moving on. Literally and figuratively! Over the years, I have faced so many parts of my shadow, and at times I honestly thought I could die as I deep-dived into the shadows of my being.

Thanks to my nemesis, support and guidance from various therapists and teachers, healing and accepting myself occurred. Standing in Godly principles to protect the children, walking away from the marriage, resulted in surrending the children to protect them. A gypsy life provided the challenges and opportunities to heal, shift and re-write my life to my liking. 

I have come a long way. Now, I can say, "I love myself, and I honour where I have come from". I am so very grateful for the lessons through the various relationships with family, friends, lovers and acquittances. Without these experiences, I may not have explored the hurts, wounds, fears, limiting beliefs and generational trauma. Working through my subconscious traumas, I can now say I live what I think is a perfect life.  

Just like in Alice in Wonderland, magic happened, and healing resulted. The adventure to date has unveiled more of the real me, which can support you along this phase of your journey quest to your most authentic self - love. 

There are always silver linings in all dark moments. I learned many modalities to heal my pain, wrote the books, and developed the ReclaimME! Programs, podcasts and a writer for International Magazines. All of my work includes theory and strategies to increase your self-awareness and make empowered conscious choices.

Above all, the take-home message is- You are Not Broken, Damaged, or Wrong.

You live from unhealthy stories, lies, and limiting beliefs that kept you safe all those years ago but no longer serve you. You have a choice, you have permission, and you can come back to your true essence. It starts with a decision backed with commitment and follows through with action. Now, you have the opportunity to Reclaim Your Authenticity, Create a Life on Your Terms, according to the stories, beliefs and truths you choose, from here on. 

Back to You...

Now it is your time to shine brighter, knowing with confidence that each of us is covered with layers of muck, un-serving ideals, beliefs and hurtful wounds that are festering. This is being human. The beauty is, now you have the opportunity to get back to the real you. Love.

The first step is to stop, listen and hear the voice inside you, yearning to reconnect to yourself and guide you along your path.

Become aware is to listen to that small voice in our hearts. I encourage you to be still and listen. Reach out to the people you are drawn to.
Listen to the subtle messages given to you. It may be a phrase or theme of a book or a movie, a soft voice in the wind, a child, a friend.
Observe themes, threads and patterns throughout your life.  Take particular note of those that stand out.  Observation is needed to move into the next step.

You are guaranteed to be challenged with love.  Be asked the hard questions that you need to hear to help you gain clarity, insight and let go. You will be heard, but also put your words back to you reframed so you can see other ways of thinking, feeling and living.

So, If you are ready to take another leap of faith towards yourself, and this page has resonated with you, then I invite you to connect.

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