Welcome, wonderful to meet you. 

I've been coaching adults from all walks of life for the past 20 years.  I am an Author and retired Dietitian.

Something I love beyond doubt is seeing light bulbs of personal insight be turned on while sharing with others. ​Witnessing so many people step into their life with confidence, self-compassion and power they previously didn't think they had. It was always there, but hiding behind fear, uncertainty and other people's beliefs or expectations of how they should live their life.

Leah's mission is quite simply to
help others take steps to walk their life journey easier so they can Create Their Life on Their TERMS!

We have
four primary 'parts' creating our life experiences.

and its ability to create links in the world and 'think';

The body moves and interacts in the world;

 or energy is noticed in our character, values, actions, and then the

is our core and link divinity.

Over time, our life experiences have created layers. Each layer either lifted us or weighed us down, reinforcing our beliefs or helping to loosen their hold over our lives. There are many ways in which life dampens our innate joy and peace.   An unkind word, fearful experiences, cultural norms that devalue or make others less than. These are only a few.

Often the result is we start to believe "I am not good enough at....."; "I must have ...... before I even can consider being happy, or fulfilled" etc. These examples are only a minuscule of possible ideals and beliefs we carry.

According to psychologists, our beliefs by their very nature, frame our outlook on life, interactions with others, our quality of life, workplace.  Beliefs rules and therefore dictate our lives from the depths of our subconscious.  The most impacting areas of life are our love relationships, family, and most importantly ourselves.

My personal Journey Quest, took me from under the barrel, of the last life attempt, to not teaching, supporting and sharing my knowledge of how to reduce the hold limiting beliefs and fears have in one's life.  To become empowered towards making their own choices based on their values. ​ 

The ReclaimME! programs
are designed to do just this... Empower you so you too can Create Your Life on Your Terms

Hi there,  My name is Leah Marshall-Marmulla, Author, Personal Change Coach, founder of the RecliamME! Programs, podcaster and writer.     

I help adults face Crossroad moments creating feelings of overwhelm, hurt, confusion which also triggers deep fears and insecurities—facing these aspects with self-awareness, re-writing limiting stories.  See fears with compassion and releasing the sabotaging lies is empowering. 

Empowerment to Create Your Life on Your Terms!

My work is a personal journey tribute of coming back to myself. The healing, letting go of fear-based, limiting beliefs and empowering myself.

The youngest of 5 siblings, I never felt I fit in. I thought I was the runt, un-belonging to the family. I witnessed emotional and physical abuse, though, at the time, it was considered everyday parenting.  I remember several pivoting moments when I realised if I was to get through this, I had to look after myself and be the good girl.  Stay quiet, in the shadows and do what is expected—a great coping strategy as a child, but hands down dysfunctional as an adult.

When I broke free, I was 18, married and relocated to a different state to live my life, my way.  What I didn't know at the time was this. I walked into s the perfect environment for my childhood issues to surface and scream at me to be looked at them. I attempted to make 'life work', fit in, do all the normal, expected things, and cope.  I bowed down to my husband; after all, he 'was the head of the house'.  But after three failed life attempts, I surrendered to the idea my life was not working, and if I couldn't even die, I had better learn how to live, for what I was doing was like a living hell!

I trialled the usual mental health path and started to wonder WTF was 'wrong with me? So many parts of my life were not how I wanted them to be, but I also knew I needed to be the one to take charge of my change. So, I did.

Thanks to my husband at the time, who told me, "You need to get fixed", I did a lot of soul searching, clearing out, and moving on. Literally and figuratively! Over the years, I have faced so many of my shadow sides,  and I honestly thought I could die just because I was deep-diving into the shadows of my being.

Standing in Godly principles to protect the children, walking away from marriage resulted in some very interesting, challenging, dark paths. Thankfully, to my nemesis of the time and a lot of help from various therapists and teachers, I became empowered and gradually healed.

I have come a long way. Now, I can say, "I love myself, and I honour where I have come from". I am so very grateful for the lessons provided by the people I love the most but seem to of lost. Without these experiences, I may not have explored the hurts, wounds, fears, limiting beliefs and generational trauma.

From working through parts of my subconscious, I can say I am now living what I think to be a perfect life. I feel contented most days. I have skills and contacts to help me through the times when another layer rises for healing and transformation because, just like in Alice in Wonderland, magic happens, healing happens. I came out of the adventure with more of the 'old' taken away to reveal more of the real me.

There are always silver linings in all dark moments.  Healing my pain, I learnt many modalities, wrote the books, and developed the ReclaimME! Programs, podcasts and a writer for International Magazines.  All of my work includes theory and strategies to increase your self-awareness and make empowered conscious choices. 

Above all, the take-home message is- You are Not Broken or Damaged, or Wrong.  You are living from unhealthy stories, lies and limiting beliefs that kept you safe all those years ago. But no longer serve you.   You have a choice, you have permission, and you can come back to your true essence.  It starts with a  decision backed with commitment and follows through with action.   

Now, you have the opportunity to Reclaim Your Authenticity, Create a Life on Your Terms, according to the stories, beliefs and truths you choose, from here on. 

Who Is Leah? 

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Back to You...

Now it is your time to shine brighter, knowing with confidence that each of us is covered with layers of muck, un-serving ideals, beliefs and hurtful wounds that are festering. This is being human. The beauty is, now you have the opportunity to get back to the real you. Love.

The first step is to stop, listen and hear the voice inside you, yearning to reconnect to yourself and guide you along your path.
Become aware is to listen to that small voice in our hearts. I encourage you to be still and listen. Reach out to the people you are drawn to.
Listen to the subtle messages given to you. It may be a phrase or theme of a book or a movie, a soft voice in the wind, a child, a friend.
Observe themes, threads and patterns throughout your life.  Take particular note of those that stand out.  Observation is needed to move into the next step.

You are guaranteed to be challenged with love.  Be asked the hard questions that you need to hear to help you gain clarity, insight and let go. You will be heard, but also put your words back to you reframed so you can see other ways of thinking, feeling and living.

So, If you are ready to take another leap of faith towards yourself, and this page has resonated with you, then I invite you to connect.

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What our customers write about us

Now for feedback on the program. I didn't even get through 5% and for me that's both a signal of my laziness and the power of the right bits of information at the right tie. 

I'm currently doing the ReclaimME! Spring Clean program. I am totally enjoying this program.  I have gained so much from it already. New insight, ways of thinking and dealing with situations and emotions. Leah is very supportive in every way, very knowledgeable. 

The book has a simple yet critical point.  Your body speaks your mind. Your life choices will always define you as an individual and that your body needs more therapy that goes way beyond any pill. 

I truly believe that the  body definitely speaks our mind, if only people would pay enough attention.  This book could absolutely change lives.   

Thank you Leah. To say I have enjoyed your book just wouldn't  be true. But to say it has helped to put to bed a lot of feelings and thoughts that I needed about my first marriage. 
Also, in having talks and deep discussions has I feel brought back a lot of closeness that I/we had lost along the way. I want to say thank you  for all your help, and the book which I would recommend to anyone who maybe in need of it. 

I sought assistance from Leah to gain confidence to move my business forward. leah is a warm, congruent and professional therapist. I felt comfortable working with her from the very beginning and I appreciated her openness and professionalism.  Halfway through the session Leah helped me to discover the root cause of the long standing issues and I felt lightness in my heart and body. I was so surprised to feel the shift so quickly.   I recommend Leah for anyone who wishes to transform life for better. 

Wow, thanks again. I really appreciate your kindness and understanding and enabling me feel comfortable to be able to open up and be totally honest and be myself with you. I feel a lot freer 

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