"Whom Am I?"

A program designed to help you learn more about yourself, and your dreams

Whom Am I?

Feelings create questions

Feeling inscure, uncertain, lost, trapped by your emotions and adrift even come from the questions of:

Who am I and what do I want to be doing?
Is this it?
Why do I feel this way?
What do I even do what I do?
Why does this or that keep happening?
I am doing all the right things, yet nothing seems to change, why?
Why Am I scared, procrastinating, or sabotaging my progress? 
Why is decision making so hard?
Am I going to be doing this for the rest of my life?  Is change possible?
What should I be doing with my life? 
Is it possible for me to do xyz?

These are just a few of the questions asked and the good news is when the conscious - thinking mind asks questions, the 
subconscious is obliged to give you answers.  The downside is that the answers are biased and misleading. 

See, the answers you get back via your thoughts and feelings are from your past experiences and stories. You created this for a good reason - to keep you feeling and being safe.  They are all a coping and adaptation strategy.   However, many of the early life strategies are ineffective or down right dangerous in the adult world. 

You see, and feel  the ineffective gaps
- relationship challenges
- career or finances not being what you desire
- feelings that don't make sense "You have it all, yet still feel not enough or you are struggling to cope"
- nothing seems to be enough, you keep wanting more. More money, more things, more vacation time, more of everything, yet, you struggle to celebrate what you do have.
- health is challenged, or your self-view and self-talk focuses on how you look, wanting to fit the societal mould. 
-  you just want to do your thing, but the guilt, fear and shame for desiring something different stops you in your tracks from being true to yourself. 

The inner pull to live a life on purpose that creates more happiness, fulfilment and connection, is real. You want to be real, and true to you, but maybe you don't know who that is. 

Yep! Safety and Acceptance are two of the most powerful needs that drive us to do what we do, feel what we feel and create stories to justify even the worst of behaviours.  Yet, to start the self-awreness journey is often confounding and scary. The fear of the unknown, even if we really want to feel more content can be too much of a gap. 

Yes, there is a different way...

"Is it possible for me, considering how f up I am?" YES!

YES! But, I will also suggest you are quite normal, considering your past experiences, training and what You have had to cope with. What often happens when you learn how your thoughts, feelings and ideas are created; your past and current feelings make a lot more sense. You begin the healing process and develop empathy for yourself. This, is powerful!!
We see and hear so many rags-to-riches stories. People who turn their life around, living a life they love, are surrounded by people they adore etc. These may not be in your immediate circle, so read about them, and watch empowering documentaries or movies based on real life. Look for the evidence and be open to considering this could be you too. 

"I am worth investing the time, energy and money?" 

Only you can say, but from experience, yes.
We are all worthy; we only need to declare it for ourselves.  It took me years to finally surrender to saying yes, to investing in me, for me.  To change my life around, and from this experience, the more I dived into my stuff, the easier it was to say yes to me!!

IS there a logical reason why I feel these things

Again, yes! The Whom AM I program explores the impact childhood, trauma and life experiences have in shaping our beliefs, life rules, norms, expectations and the framework of how we 'should' interact with the world.  But, this is the thing... These concepts are learnt, from others who learnt them from their parents, schooling, friends etc., and more so their messages of their time.  Coming to terms with this concept is quite liberating. 
WE never really stop creating or refining the coping stories.  So, as adults, when confronted with issues, we still tend to justify what and why it is happening.  This is part of the healing opportunity. BEcoming aware of our thoughts, feelings, and the story is where the gold is. 

As the phrase says, "We all do what we can with the resources we have at the time."  As we learn more, then, we have the choice to change and evolve. You are doing the best you can with what you currently know and have skills, ability and support.  Nothing changes until we do, and that is the sucky truth!!

How long will it take to feel better? 

I'm going to be honest here ..... how long is a piece of string?  A cop-out answer, but true.  Imagine an onion or anything layered.  The core issues are buried under years of programming.  More intense the experiences, the deeper the core.  The subconscious has a built-in protective mechanism - it will only expose what the mind and body can cope with. The caution here is to work with experienced practitioners, preferably with first-hand knowledge of trauma and the challenges. Why?  Because we have lived through the process of being in powerfully challenging experiences, but also have learnt a lot about healing the wounds created.  No one has lived your life or has your beliefs and stories to work with, but we have our similarities become the empathetic bridge. 

Program -Whom Am I? 

Take the first steps of your empowerment journey. 

Learn about your thoughts, feelings, needs and what is holding you back.
Self-awareness is the gateway to empowered choice enabling you to

Create Your Life on Your Terms!

Education and Self-empowerment

4 modules, over 4 weeks

Each module includes:
Educational webinar,
Exploration and Self-Development Work Sheet
and more.

What made you?

Module 1

Body and Mind 

Emotions & Experiences?

Module 2

Beliefs, Stories

Needs & Gaps?

Module 3

What do you need to feel good?

What do you want?

Module 4

Start clearing and dreaming

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Join the Whom Am I Program 

By completing the Whom Am I? program, you will have a lot more information about yourself. In a nutshell,  what and how your past is dictating your present and future self.  Your beliefs, stories you live by and the rules that say what is 'right' for you or not. 

Information is power.
Exploring your past, with adult eyes increases your self-awareness.  Learning new ideas, and skills create space to make different choices. 

When you acknowledge the beliefs, and stories playing out in your life,  you have the opportunity to keep, change, or drop them out of your mind and body.

Knowledge is freeing, and when applied becomes wisdom.

Whom AM I? Is designed to empower you!

Educate, inform and support so you choose.

You decide how to live your life.

You create options on your terms!

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