"Whom Am I?"

A program designed to help you learn more about yourself, and your dreams

Whom Am I?

Feelings feed questions

Feeling uncertain, lost, and adrift even come from the questions of:

Who am I and what do I want to be doing?
Is this it?
Why do I feel this way?
What do I even do what I do?
Why does this or that keep happening?
I am doing all the right things, yet nothing seems to change, why?
Why Am I scared, procrastinating, or sabotaging my progress? 
Why is decision making so hard?
Am I going to be doing this for the rest of my life?  Is change possible?
What should I be doing with my life? 
Is it possible for me to do xyz?

These are just a few of the questions asked and the good news is

If there are questions, your mind and subconscious will give you answers, but the answers will be biassed and misleading.  See your past experiences and stories were created to stay safe and part of a unit.  But, now you feel the inner pull to live a life on purpose that brings you more happiness, fulfilment and connection. 

Yep! Safety and Acceptance are two of the most powerful needs that drive us to do what we do, feel what we feel and create stories to justify even the worst of behaviours. 

Yes, there is a different way...

Program -Whom Am I? 

Take the first steps of your empowerment journey. 

Learn about your thoughts, feelings, needs and what is holding you back.
Self-awareness is the gateway to empowered choice enabling you to

Create Your Life on Your Terms!

Education and Self-empowerment

4 modules, over 4 weeks

Each module includes:
Educational webinar,
Exploration and Self-Development Work Sheet
and more.

What made you?

Module 1

Body and Mind 

Emotions & Experiences?

Module 2

Beliefs, Stories

Needs & Gaps?

Module 3

What do you need to feel good?

What do you want?

Module 4

Start clearing and dreaming

Join the Whom Am I Program 

By completing the Whom Am I? program, you will have a lot more information about yourself. In a nutshell,  what and how your past is dictating your present and future self.  Your beliefs, stories you live by and the rules that say what is 'right' for you or not. 

Information is power.
Exploring your past, with adult eyes increases your self-awareness.  Learning new ideas, and skills create space to make different choices. 

When you acknowledge the beliefs, and stories playing out in your life,  you have the opportunity to keep, change, or drop them out of your mind and body.

Knowledge is freeing, and when applied becomes wisdom.

Whom AM I? Is designed to empower you!

Educate, inform and support so you choose.

You decide how to live your life.

You create options on your terms!

Early Bird Price: $197 

After June 3, the full price is $450