Welcome to Creating Your Life 

Imagine each dream, desire, want, need etc. is a seed of this dandelion puff, and you can give it the best start in life as a new plant.  Remember, dandelions are a powerfully healing herb. 

Each has the responsibility and ability required to train, and change our thoughts, beliefs and stories that 'make it so'.

When we accept responsibility, learn, practice and, make conscious efforts on what we focus on, make choices around how you show up in the experience, we are Creating life on our terms.

Facing fears and the hidden saboteurs enables you to become more adventurous, playful and confident again, just like when you were younger.

Being fearless with wisdom is quite a combination!!

You do have the choice, even if it doesn't feel like it. 

You have made the brave choice to own your life, to create your experiences from a place of healed empowerment.  With conscious choice, you are working with the currents your co-create to release the seeds filled with positive intent, and power to grow on purpose and thrive against the elements surrounding you. 

You have chosen for yourself..

Release the fears, limiting beliefs, stories, judgements, and expectations so your dream seeds are planted in a good place, surrounded by others who are there for you, support and provide the space and shade to help you grow and live a life based on your choices.

It is a time to celebrate yourself. Your self-belief and conviction that you, too, Will Create Your Life on Your Terms!

Next Steps....

Schedule your first, and following  Self- Awareness session/s

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Join the Create Your Life Membership Group 

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Schedule your Transformation Session/s

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Complete first exercise - 20 Pivotal Questions

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Start to dream of what your future could hold by declaring what you want, and commit to it. 

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A reminder of the magic included?

Over the month, you will have access to: 

Support for you and your inner child with private self-awareness sessions.

Release yourself from the chains of fear, pain, unworthiness, deservedness etc. 

Build your courage and confidence to shine. 

Explore your life and where you want to live more, with passion, attention and on purpose

Feel greater love for yourself, and others!

Access your deepest self, the part interwoven with source, the Universe and God. 

Tools and strategies taught and used

Weekly zoom sessions shine a light on your hurts, frustrations, confusions etc., you choose to shift and heal through. 

There are a variety of tools at our disposal, and most are easy to learn which means you can use them any time of the day or night you need to make easy, and instantaneous shifts. 

Share in the private group and let others support you. 

Explore your uncertainty and gain clarity

EFT - Tapping

Inner Child conversations

You will be asked critical questions to explore your truths.

Address and integrate the 'good and bad'

Explore your stories and re-write them

Express your inner most strengths