Bridge the Gap

This is truly a life-changer.  Deep diving, at regular intervals, to explore, clean out and regenerate the past with healthier beliefs, scripts and strategies. 

Combines over 3 months. 

3x ReclaimME! Transformational sessions cover 3 core life segments of your choice. 

3 x ReclaimME! Self-Awareness sessions to talk through and strategise your life change.

The outcome is truly profound. 

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Loosing yourself along life's journey isn't living.

Struggle, pain and sacrifice doesn't mean you are living life well.

Giving away your power to others -  Your partner, Kids, Bosses, In-laws, Parents, Social/Cultural Norms etc., is a path to frustration, overwhelm, anxiety, feeling inadequate, guilt and a whole lot more heavy feelings.
​Not only do they do your head in, but your self-esteem takes a battering by trying to be all things to all people, but for what?? ​

What is the alternative anyway?

All babies know they are worth being looked after and that they are gorgeous which is why they love being held and googled over. Unfortunately that by the time we get to adulthood, most of us have buried this innocent wonder along the way. The alternative then is to

re-member what it feels like to be loved unconditionally (you did that from day dot);
create a strong sense of self,
create healthy boundaries and choose a stack of self-love and care.

Sound too good to be true?

I thought so too before I started my Inner Healing Journey and learnt a stack of tools and tricks along the way. I can help you get UNSTUCK so that you can start making a big IMPACT on your health and wellness.

It is very possible the reason you aren't living the way you want is that you forgot to work on the most important piece of the puzzle… YOU!  What most people don't realise is that your health is determined by your INNER SELF- your beliefs, fears, doubts and thoughts.

I know this from experience, it was only when I worked on my inner beliefs transforming my insecure, wallflower self with anorexic tendencies into a self-confident person who is looking after herself in every way. Now, it is about helping others reclaim themselves, to live from their healthy self-belief, self-love and self-worth.

When you have all these, it is so much easier to choose foods that work for your body, exercise for your interest and not meet others' expectations. Your Life becomes about you, what you choose, what works best for you!  You Create Your Life on Your TERMS!

By Bridging the Gap between how you experience life now,

and how you really would like it to be you move through these three phases.

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ReclaimME! Bridge the Gap
consists of: 

6 Personal sessions :
3 Subconscious Healing Sessions,
3 Self Awareness sessions,
Closed Group to share your ideas, insights, frustrations and wins.

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What our customers write about us

Now for feedback on the program. I didn't even get through 5% and for me that's both a signal of my laziness and the power of the right bits of information at the right tie. 

I'm currently doing the ReclaimME! Spring Clean program. I am totally enjoying this program.  I have gained so much from it already. New insight, ways of thinking and dealing with situations and emotions. Leah is very supportive in every way, very knowledgeable. 

The book has a simple yet critical point.  Your body speaks your mind. Your life choices will always define you as an individual and that your body needs more therapy that goes way beyond any pill. 

I truly believe that the  body definitely speaks our mind, if only people would pay enough attention.  This book could absolutely change lives.   

Thank you Leah. To say I have enjoyed your book just wouldn't  be true. But to say it has helped to put to bed a lot of feelings and thoughts that I needed about my first marriage. 
Also, in having talks and deep discussions has I feel brought back a lot of closeness that I/we had lost along the way. I want to say thank you  for all your help, and the book which I would recommend to anyone who maybe in need of it. 

I sought assistance from Leah to gain confidence to move my business forward. leah is a warm, congruent and professional therapist. I felt comfortable working with her from the very beginning and I appreciated her openness and professionalism.  Halfway through the session Leah helped me to discover the root cause of the long standing issues and I felt lightness in my heart and body. I was so surprised to feel the shift so quickly.   I recommend Leah for anyone who wishes to transform life for better. 

Wow, thanks again. I really appreciate your kindness and understanding and enabling me feel comfortable to be able to open up and be totally honest and be myself with you. I feel a lot freer