ReclaimME! Programs

ReclaimME! is all about reclaiming the parts of your past that are no longer serving you.  The hurts, fears, lies, limitations, unhealthy coping strategies and ideas you are not enough. 

Exploring these hidden ideas, making conscious choices about them enables you to move forward on purpose, from a position of power. 

You empower yourself, to Create Your Life on Your Terms!

ReclaimME! Transformation

Deep dive into your subconscious's programming where the memories and pains are stored. During your hypnotherapy or guided meditation session you are heard, supported and prompted to explore the lesson, flip and re-write the script with a loving hand. You receive from your highest, loving self the message you need to move forward from a place of empowerment and freedom.  This is a comprehensive, 1 month program with several components included.

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ReclaimME! Spring Clean

We all benefit from a spring clean.  The comprehensive moving around the furniture, objects and looking at each item with a new point of view.  The Spring clean program does the same, but with your life choices and experiences.  How much enjoyment your life is bringing you overall, and which segments could really do with a spring clean and renovation. 

11 modules, lifetime access and a bag full of tools and tricks to support your self-paced life enhancing journey.  

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Brige the Gap

Bridging the gap between how our Spirit was destined to express itself in this life, and how we live it.    We know living a life on purpose, from inspired action also means breaking away from the norm and in many ways -reinventing ourselves.  This however is a huge challenge, to step away from the safe-familiar we created during childhood to an on-purpose life path. 

It means, addressing the limiting beliefs, fears, lies, stories, and constructs we have brought into describing what our life choices 'should be'.  Not only do we need to re-write the hidden scripts in the subconscious, but we also need a broader range of strategies and tools to cope during the transition.  

3-month intensive program, 6 Personal sessions : 3 Subconscious Healing Sessions, 3 Strategy and talk through sessions, Access to the Spring Clean program and downloadable cop of the Awareness and Accountability Journal. 

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Books, and Services

Not ready to commit to deep transformation and empowerment.  That is ok. It took me some time to get my head around it, and to say YES!

Leah You might like to read, listen or contemplate your life through her other works available.

Learning about and healing your inner challenges. 

You too can Create Your Life on Your Terms!

Leah as a Guest Podcaster

Podcasts Leah has been invited to share and discuss concepts of creating your life and her work. 

The Light Inside

Attachment theory is fundamental in the way we develop our sense of worthy-ness, sense of safety in the world and lovability. The ripple effect of these dysfunctional aspects of our self-esteem influences the way we think about ourselves, how we interact with others in relationships and more so our coping mechanisms. 

Mindset Mastery with Rachel Tapscott

Today we have author, counselor and NLP practitioner, Leah Marmulla joining us to talk about the effect our thoughts and emotions have on our health.

Shared Wisdom 

Two energy healers - Shirley Anne Lawyer and Leah chatting through their shared and individual experiences of healing their limiting beliefs and fears.  

Out of the Box with Christine

In this episode, I share ways of coping, stress management and focused application through COVID in 2019.   A  lively discussion of self-care.  (2019)

Rick Bratton

Interview with Rick Bratton of This Week in America . Rick & I discuss my recently published book - What the Mind Sees, the Body Feels, Creates and Attracts (2019)